Barge-Photo-2-sfw1000At the Kolodny Law Firm, we fully understand tow boat accident injury claims. Attorney Alan Kolodny has represented tow boaters working for a variety of companies up and down the Gulf Coast ICW.  Blessey Marine, Kirby Marine, Higman Marine, Buffalo Marine, J.A.M. Distributing Company to name a few.

Maritime law provides the same coverage for injuries for crewmen injured on tugs, barges and tow boats as on other boats, oil and gas rigs, and floating production platforms out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tugs and barges are dangerous boats to crew.  Some common perils of the trade:  
  • Frayed and weak cables/lines
  • Injuries caused by bad weather and fellow crewmen's mistakes
  • Leaks on deck from engine lubricants and hydraulics
  • Collisions with docks and improper breasting of barges
  • Faulty winches
  • Handling heavy lines
  • Leaving the vessel to get onto a dock or other barge
  • Sea foam accumulations


When a tow boater is injured aboard a tug, barge, or tow boat, the company can get sneaky and try to lock up its defenses to the injury claim before the tow boater even thinks to hire a lawyer.  In some cases, the insurance representative or nurse assistant tries to steer the injured crewman to doctors who are against surgeries or expensive medical care, even when those surgeries would be in the best interest of the patient's recovery and return to work, full duty.

To say the least, it is very important for an injured seaman to have an experienced maritime lawyer, like Alan Kolodny, on his or her side to make sure that his or her rights are being fully protected.

The Kolodny Law Firm is on your side.  We have never represented the vessel owner.

If you have questions about your rights to compensation under the Jones Act for injuries that have occurred on a tug, barge, or tow boat, please contact Alan for a free initial consultation.  

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