May 3, 2016

Arbitration as an Alternative in Maritime Law

Arbitration can typically be a useful alternative to litigation. Instead of the effort associated with litigation, arbitration can often save you time and expense. Although the […]
December 18, 2015

Asbestos and the Longshore and Workers’ Compensation Act

Most longshore workers are familiar with the hazards that are present in the workplace. Many of the typical hazards include slip and falls, equipment injuries, and […]
November 20, 2015

Five Must-Know Facts About the Jones Act

If you are a maritime worker, then it is important that you familiarize yourself with the Jones Act. This act can help to protect your rights […]
October 24, 2015

The Difference Between Workers’ Compensation Insurance and the Jones Act

While each state in the U.S. is given the authority to write its own laws concerning workers’ compensation insurance, all states are required to offer workers’ […]
June 19, 2015

Proving Negligence for Seaman Injuries Under the Jones Act

For traditional work-related injuries, such as injuries suffered by employees at construction sites or factories, employees are required to first file a claim with the workers’ […]