April 21, 2017

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance, or maritime insurance, has been around for centuries and is considered the oldest form of insurance. In fact, French historians pinpoint the origin of […]
April 14, 2017

Himalaya Clause

In many ways, maritime shipping can parallel a construction project. Companies or individuals looking to ship products across the ocean hire a carrier that is in […]
April 7, 2017

In Rem

Unlike the average case, a maritime case is a “case in rem,” meaning that the case is filed against the ship. Rule C of the supplemental […]
March 31, 2017

Maritime Arrest Procedure

A maritime lien occurs when a debtor owes money to a creditor and the creditor pursues the debtor through a lien. However, the maritime lien is […]
March 24, 2017

International Maritime Arrests

2012 saw the long-standing feud between hedge fund Elliot Capital and the Argentine government take an interesting maritime twist. By utilizing a maritime arrest, Elliot Capital […]
March 17, 2017

Maintenance and Cure

Seafaring has long been considered a dangerous activity. Sailors out on the ocean are exposed to the elements, which include storms, seasickness, pirates, and diseases. As […]
March 10, 2017

Collision Defense

Technology has advanced to the point where marine vessels are equipped with Global Positioning Systems, or GPS, and radar that allows for night vision. Nonetheless, vessels […]
March 3, 2017


  Maritime piracy is probably as old as maritime commerce. In recent years, with increasing maritime commerce, there has been a surge of piracy in international […]
February 24, 2017

Maritime Security

Tom Hanks starred in the movie “Captain Phillips,” which depicts an American vessel, the Maersk Alabama, as it is attacked by Somali pirates. The movie represents […]
February 17, 2017

Federal Maritime Commission Requirements

  Similar to banking and other economic activity, there is government regulation and oversight of maritime economic activity. The Federal Maritime Commission, or FMC, is tasked […]